Pro Studio Strings

Authentic Strings for your Expressive Creations


ProStudioStrings does professional string arrangements; composing original music that enhances your art. We also are a recording studio and use live musicians and modern recording techniques to produce great sounding string backup tracks, or realizations of our or your arrangements and compositions. We can make your song sound full and unique!

As a full-service music production studio, we provide music instruction, coaching, arranging, composing, recording, typesetting, copying and transcribing. We cater to students and professional ensembles, soloists, composers, songwriters, film-makers, jingle writers and advertisers for TV and radio, dance troupes, youth orchestras, etc.

Q: How do I add string accompaniment (backup) tracks to my song?:
We record your or our arrangement of your music to high-quality WAV files. We then mix the ensemble and send the final two track WAV file to your producer. We can also do the production mix if you want.

Q: What does an arrangement by Pro Studio Strings cost?:
It’s not cheap, but it is a LOT less than if you hired the players to play in a professional recording studio
. We price each project individually. We charge $25 per hour for the arranger to create your arrangement, then $100 per minute of  final accepted arrangement media (PDF), and $85 per hour per person of recording time (one hour minimum per person). We also charge $50 per hour of mixing time if we need to mix your final product or do a lot of layering for your arrangement (one hour minimum). If you provide the arrangement, we simply record each instrument’s track, then mix-down and send to you.

So, as an example, a 3:50 minute song with our custom arrangement and three players might cost as much as $650, depending on how complicated the music is. Each project’s cost is estimated in consultation with you. If you do not accept our final arrangement, you only pay for the time that it took to produce the arrangement. We do require a deposit and a contract to begin arranging, but most deposit amounts can be refunded if you do not accept our arrangement. We do not record until a synth version and PDF example of the arrangement is accepted. Again, all costs are negotiable.

Q: How long does it take to get custom strings for my production?:
For the recording time, each project is estimated to take approximately three times the length of the song. There is also scheduling the players’ time, and time for you to produce the demo that we work from. Arrangements take somewhere around twenty to forty times the length of the song. Most projects are done (on our part) in about a week to a month, depending on the scale of the project. Then there is the time it takes for your producer to do the final mix. There is also review of drafts time and time you’ll take to make decisions!

Q: What does Pro Studio Strings need from me?:
Each project is individually assessed, but what we need from you is a recording of your demo tune, film, video, commercial, sound-track, etc. After we receive that, we play and record the arrangement of strings to your demo (each instrument in a separate track), or we record your string composition. We then send the recordings to your producer for mixing, or we can mix our strings to your demo, if you prefer. We are a sophisticated yet flexible bunch. We want you to be happy with the enhancement of your art!

Q: How can I contact you, before uploading my demo?:
Use the Get Started page to send us all information. We will contact you immediately by your choice of telephone or email. Or if you just want a quick estimate and to chat, email us.